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Welcome To The Tattoo Shop New Delhi

The Tattoo in New Delhi are unique engaging. The best tattoo artists are here, and The Tattoo shop is the best tattoo studio. The Tattoo Shop grows and develops in the spirit of offering the best combination of tattoo in Delhi.

Our founder “Amit Sethi” in the tattoo industry for more than 10 years, is very experienced nationally and internationally. In addition, we also have a tattoo artist team, each of which has special skills and characters, and is always passionate about producing a tattoo masterpiece at any time

Located in various parts of Delhi , close to beautiful fort of Hauz Khaz and Market places like Amar Colony and Rajouri in tattoo is an International standard tattoo studio. Equipped with the best tattoo equipment along with advanced sterilizers and needles & disposable tips to ensure that our hygiene practices are within or exceed international health standards. All our needle and needle tips are only used once, every time, every client. We make sure all our staff practice infection prevention and control for permanent tattoos that are hygienic based on international standards with one goal, is to give you a sense of security. Safe Tattoo in Delhi? The Tattoo Shop deserves your first choice.

With a combination of professional tattoo artist which certainly produces a good masterpiece, and guarantees high standard of hygiene … then the tattoo prices at The Tattoo Shop are the best. You get quality and satisfaction according to the price you pay.

Raghav Sethi
Nikhil Benson
Ayaan Ansari

Our Studio

Hauz Khas Tattoo

You will receive an amazing Traditional Tattoo Design – hand drawn by our Panel of

Amar Colony Tattoo

Packed with separately and sterilized tools in an autoclave, obeys all sanitary standards you will wish for in a the tattoo shop.

Rajouri Garden

Our Rajouri Garden Studio is a real artistic feature within the town with its East Meets West exclusive decor.

Defence Colony Tattoo

You will notice that the Defence Colony Tattoo Studio layout is a free flowing, open plan environment.